We hope these patient stories and information inspires you or a loved one to be motivated and have hope that there are options to pain relief and avoiding the option of back surgery or getting relief after failed surgery.

Kris Lefave

What kind of problems were you experiencing before coming to see us?
I was experiencing occasional (but profound) muscle spasms and general “crunchiness” in the upper spine.

Was Neuro-Decompression something you knew about?
I had heard of it, but did not know a lot about the specific, practical benefits.

What was your biggest goal for your spine health?
I wanted to correct acquired bad habits, realigning, and reversing damage where possible, and keeping my spine healthy for the future.

How quickly did you notice an improvement?
Immediately! However, the key to long-term improvement is changing the bad habits and staying consistent with new, better ones.

What have you learned about chiropractic care that you would like to share with others?
Chiropractic treatments are important for healing and maintenance, but The Vitality Center doctors (especially Dr. Dave) also teach many practical habits and activities that help you participate in your own care.

What activities were restricted by your issue prior to care?
I was not that restricted unless I was suffering from the muscle spasms. I believe that my treatment program at The Vitality Center was a proactive decision.

Kris completed a successful treatment program and is doing a maintenance program to ensure her present and future health.


Connie Daye

Connie, how have back problems affected your life?
My main passion is to travel which requires a lot of hiking, maybe cycling, crazy things like canyon rappelling or tandem hang-gliding, which is all at risk if my condition is at its worst.

How did you come to hear about spinal(neuro)decompression?
A back specialist recommended it as an option over surgery.

What treatments and therapies had you tried previously?
I was getting physio and acupuncture for my L4/5 issues, as well as scoliosis and it was not doing the job.

What worked this time in your opinion?
I was faced with either trying this or surgery – no thanks! I found a place and started treatment. One day – they are simply closed… I panicked but with the help of google found this clinic! Stretching out the spine in this gradual procedure feels like the lower discs are not grinding against each other. That stabbing pain and sciatic nerve issue/numbness down my right leg, happens rarely now. It is quite amazing!

Has your treatment success changed how you feel about chiropractic care?
When I started the functional phase of my treatment plan – the adjustments I was very leery at first. I had that …” Don’t crack my neck!” mentality, but after a few regular sessions, I noticed much improvement overall; even less headaches. It has also helped with the osteo-arthritis issues in my hands.

How important is your health to you in your top 5 life priorities and why?
Health is very important. Keeping in shape, too. I go to bootcamp (low impact version for jumping-related routines) which keeps me in better physical shape, exercising my core definitely makes my torso stronger, and therefore my back is supported better.

What would you say to someone who is suffering right now to convince him or her to come and see if neuro-decompression is right for him or her?
Try it! The pain I had was debilitating and now I can travel, hike, cycle, go to the gym and just plain walk…without pain or having to stop and sit for a while. In addition, I hardly take any pain medication anymore!

After this interview, Connie was headed to Europe for a 2 week cycling vacation.